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Hey Blog-pals!

I hope your week is going amazingly and that you are kicking butt!

I Just wanted to show you guys one of the best Photographers I have had the honour to work with!

I met Maddy shortly after moving to the Gold Coast and boy am I glad to have stumbled on to such talent!
She is a sweet soul, with passion, drive and a brilliant mind! We got along like a house on fire and although this was our first shoot, I felt so comfortable working with her.

We went to a beach location near the Spit and shot in some beautiful surroundings!

Maddy came to the shoot completely prepared and bubbly, exactly the kind of person I like to work with!

I love working with people who have different perspectives and ambitions when it comes to shoots!
Although this shoot wasn't for a store, it was an amazing first shoot with Mercury Anne Photography, a first of many amazing times!

I would strongly recommend working with Maddy at Mercury Anne Photography any day!

Maddy can be contacted on her facebook page.

Take care of yourselves and keep shooting for the stars lovelies! 


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