Cosy Autumn Neutrals

Hello Lovlies!

I hope you've been having a good week!
Summer has officially left the building, making way for some beautiful displays of Melbourne's true colours!
I've always thought Melbourne, and especially the beautiful mountains around in my area are truly at peak in Autumn.

I don't know about you, but I for one ADORE autumn!
It means warm drinks, cozy clothes and camping, hiking, exploring, and this year I intend on really pushing myself to get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather while its there... and then having movie nights & bonfires when the day is over, right?

I've had the blessing of working with an old high school friend of mine the last few weeks and I just really feel that these photos, the way she has captured the beauty in the surrounding nature really just shows how talented she is in photography.

I 100% recommend her if you have any events or occasions coming up that you want to capture!
Drop a comment in the box below and I'll send you through her details!


This outfit is a perfect match for these crisp evenings and actually incredibly comfortable - for ultimate comfort, swap the pants for leggings and you're in comfy-city!

I love the warm but edgy feel to this look. The textured pants are really comfortable and bring the need mmhmm to this outfit!

As you might know, I am a bargain fanatic ensuring this outfit to be pretty affordable!

Hope you're all kicking butts & Being the happiest you can be!

Lots of love 

~Celeste Victoria xo

Cardigan: Target $8.00

ribbed knee black skinny jeans: H&M $39.00

Black hat: H&M $11.99

Grey bow booties: Forever21, $14.99 ON SALE 


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