Adventure Seeking Gypsy Blood.

Its actually in my blood, This desire to go & go & go.
I just want to explore, roam & experience, but at the moment I seem to be lacking ambition.

I have been feeling exhausted constantly and it isn't very enjoyable...
I need to get out of my mind. Jump out of my comfort zone and find myself in a new place, If only it were all that easy!

Lately boredom has been striking me down a mist my exhaustion, so I have been writing alot of music which is really great for dealing with everything going on at the moment.

Elizabeth & Co. left yesterday and I miss their company already!
I hope they enjoy Canada & The USA!

Keep it classy Folks

- celeste


Can someone please take me to the beach?
You can leave me there if you want, I just want to see big blue for a while


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