Yes, I have gained a little bit of weight.

Hello Beautiful Friends!
Today I wanted to talk to you about body Image, Fad Diets, Excercise and Overall happiness.

As a young female who has been exposed to the media and the stick thin likes of the Olsen Twins or Paris Hilton from a young age, I know how hard it is to change your perception of beauty standards.

At 12 years old I found myself overweight, unhappy and with the begining blocks of an eating disorder starting to find its way into my daily life.
I remember waking up extra early and running around the back yard until I'd Almost collapse.
I remember eating only celery (except when My Mum would make me eat dinner) and going on those Shake diets. At 12 years old, I was already screwing with my body. Starving myself, not enjoying a meal properly and occasionally, In my moments of weakness, I would eat a whole packet of weight watchers cookies only to be overcome with guilt.

Now at only 12 years old... Looking back, I wish I could have just thought, Oh well... Im a little cuddly at the moment and gone on with my life instead of obsessing over my unhappiness.

A lot of it was puppy fat that melted away as I matured and the rest, well I worked my ass off to get rid of it and finally, by the age of 19, I had almost matched my body to what my mind wanted... the only problem was I had gotten there after years of body abuse. 
I've put my poor little body through Diet Pills, Starving, Over Exercising, Spanx & just about everything under the sun trying to change to suit what I thought would make me happy....
But each time I would almost get to my goal, I would lose sight. I wouldn't aknowledge my achomplishments and I couldn't see how much weight I had lost. 
Last year I got down to 54kg, the smallest I have been since elementry I'd say! but I couldn't see it, I was stressed, not eating and trying to keep up the mind clearing runs every day. I stayed that small for a few months but a lovely trip to Idahome sure helped me to get a little healthier! ;)

I now know the only way to achieve that body I have always wanted is...
Drumroll Please!


It's vital to your body to maintain a consistent training/eating plan but to also ensure that you're NOT starving yourself, but in actual fact, You're putting energy into your body. Energy you need to get through the day and be Happy and Healthy!

You've got to want to be healthy and strong, not thin and fraile. Even typing this, I feel insecure... but if I can reach 1 person with this message and stop 1 kid or teen from starving themselves and ruining their metabolisms then I will be happy. 

Now, I'm not saying that I am happy with my body at the moment...
After Blowing my Lumber Disk at the gym (SO PAINFULL) I have gained a little cuddly on my body, but I know, All it is going to take is self control and motivation to get me back to where I feel happy and comfortable, but this time around, I plan on learning how to love my body for what it is!

Even these Photos took a lot of self convincing! 
Me? Bare my untoned tummy that over the past while, I've kind of neglected?
At first I was so worried about this shoot and I was set on not posting these photos but I am human. I am real. I am silly and I am Celeste.

So you want to know what I did? I ate a normal dinner the night before, no starving for better shots people, It's just not what you should do! Yes, I was a little bloated, but Thats okay, people bloat all the time! I eat a nice bowl of pasta and my belly bloats like it ain't nobodies business! I like yummy food and I like exercising so I might aswell be working off that bowl of pasta instead of feeling dizzy for not eating!

AND! It gets better! Guess what!
The ever so lovely photographer, Bianca & I treated ourselves to some breakfast before the shoot.
We had Danish's and Iced tea... So SUCK it to anyone who thinks my body looks bad or not up to par in these photos, I had an awesome full belly for which I am grateful for.

I want you guys to see that it's okay to have a little extra love on your tummy or thighs or hips... as long as you are healthy, then you're doing okay and I'm here cheering you towards your goals!

So thanks Bod, Thank you for helping me to live and walk and run and feel! As much as I hate to admit it, My body is working its ass off for me, I now need to work my ass off for it! 


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