18 months on from the most life changing event I've had so far.

I remember it all clearly and For the last few months... I think I've finally been at peace with the breakdown of my little loved up life.
It had to all fall apart for something more beautiful to happen and for so many more lessons to be learnt. Other than how to compromise and build a home within another person under the idea that it was what my life was meant to be, I'm learning who I am as a person, what makes me happy and how to cope with all the magic and mischief that life continuously throws at you!

I'm currently living in The Northern Territory.
When I got off the plane and stepped into the humidity it was similar to that of a suana...
What had I gotten myself into? I instantly thought.
My second destination in an attempt to find my independence and although I told everyone that of my traveling around Australia to see 'my own backyard', I was lucky that my brother had offered me a place to fall after 8 months in Queensland ended up turning a little pear shaped. Nothing too bad.. But it was a good idea and even better timing for me to take the next step in pushing myself out of any comfort zone Id formed.
Darwin has been a blessing.
I love this place and the people I've met have been some of the best.
I've almost been here a full 12 months and I have a lease to live in my own apartment with my friend Gemma for until Septemeber '17 so I'm calling this stage of my journey, Learn how to spread roots again, or Roots for short.

But before I tell you about Roots, I should go back to the beginning.
 I won't venture into the very beginning, that stage was beatiful and a novel in itself so I'll start with the Beginging of the end.



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