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Firstly, I am SO sorry about the delay in this post!You may have noticed that BreAna & I try to post at least twice a week and take it in turns but last friday (when I first wrote up this draft) I had a bit of an accident at work and the last week has been rather busy!But all of that aside... 

Here is our love story so far ♡

Jacob and I met when we were 16!
I was an exchange student from Australia in the sweet little town of Nampa, Idaho.

I know it sounds cliche but it really was one of those instant sparks!
I met Jakey** the first day I arrived and he was on an apparent instant pursuit.
I wasn't used to that kind of attention and although if you ask him, he'll say I was playing hard to get, It was just the different cultures. Any Aussie's that have been to the States or Americans who have been to Australia will know what I mean.

We're just a different kind of folk and Jake post living here for 2+ years and working with so many different kinds of Australians (tradies, retail, door to door sales in rural QLD!!!) he is fully embracing Australia and is actually probably more Aussie than I am at times...

**sorry, more I like someone, the more nicknames they get 

Here is a little video from our youtube channel with most of our story!

So yeah, that pretty much gives you the idea of the beginning of our story.
That video is kind of embarrassing now to watch but I can happily say we managed to save enough money to get the next visa and now we are just waiting to hear back from the Department of Immigration.

Here's a picture timeline! :)

Freshly in Nampa! 

These are our first photos together, a few days before Jake asked me to be his lady.
Before I left in June 2011. I think this was the second last day of school for the year <3

Jake took me to the Zoo the day before I left. It was our last date for a while and SUCH a lovely memory! We went with his Aunt, Uncle and their little gorgeous Daughter.
Its so funny to look back at how young we all were! I wish I had taken lots of photos of Marie, Andy & Vivianna that day!

But from there on out it was Skype dates until December!

Skype calls helped us stay close when we were miles apart 


~ R e u n i t e d ~

December 2012.
I went back for my first ever 'White Christmas' <3

but then I had to board a plane back to Australia...
While we were together that Christmas we filmed a lot of our adventures because we knew we would miss each other and that was when our youtube channel was created!

Feel free to browse through the videos and watch how dorky we were but hey!
Those videos helped us go the distance and keep close <3

Our first hug in waaay to long

This was our "reunion" after the second bout of long distance.
It was such a special moment that we were lucky enough to get on video so we can watch it back (and we do every few months <3)
Here is the video if you want to watch! :)

And then we were together again <3

Making Banana Pancakes and dancing around the kitchen is a normal thing for us.

Lately life has been a crazy, busy, sometimes hard but beautiful blessing!
We're still just as crazy and young as we were when we first met but growing up together is just as fun.
I used to be scared of growing up until I met this punk and realised it can be this fun!

This post has actually been so much fun to write!
Jacob and I basically just sat around for a few hours and went through old photos and watched all our old videos and reminisced... It was one of those great moments where you make a new memory out of old ones.

Honestly, Jacob is my absolute best friend and the biggest blessing in my life.
He is the person I can turn to with anything, for anything & at anytime.
He makes me a better person and he cares about me more than I ever thought anyone would.

Our latest video:

So yeah,
He is pretty great...

I think I'll keep him ♡

- Celeste xo


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